• 1 around the country are already using 3D printing in innovative ways. Fo▓r example, Sichuan Revotek su
  • 2 ccessfully 3D printed blood vessels and transplanted them into rhesus monk
  • 3 eys. The success of this te▓st is said to be the first step toward 3D printing organs for
  • 4 humans.(The opinions expressed ▓here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Panview

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▓years ago, looks so much different than it does now and we can anticipate the nation to transform even further a decade from ▓now.The Beijing Exhibition Center, located in the heart of the capital city, is holding a grand exhibit featuring China&rsqu

o;s outstanding achievements over the past five years to highlight China’s greatest infrastructure achievements, a▓s well as new sci.-tech developments, along with showing a new vision of our fut

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ure.New developments for new eraCC▓TV.com Panview visited the Beijing ▓Exhibition Center on Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, 2017 to take a closer look. The first surprise was to see the hu▓ge crowds as long lines of people stood outside in the cold

▓.The exhibit in general did not fail to disappoint, a▓s visitors could view vivid poster photos plastered all over the walls and you could touch the numerous models of China's big projects, such as an arti▓ficial sun, FA

  • could walk to 11 different exhibition areas, which feature different
  • themes, including t▓ransportation, energy, crackdown on c▓orruptio
  • n.Beijing Exhibition Center▓ gives you glimpse
  • of the futureBeijing Exhibition Center gives you glimpse of the futu

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ST (Five-hundred-meter▓ Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), world's largest radio telescope, hi-speed trains, deep sea


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research submersib▓les and so much more.You could walk to 11 different exhibition areas, which feature different themes, i

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